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About us

About us

It is one of the leading companies in construction engineering and projects development in Iraq.


Joharat Baghdad is one of the largest leading company construction, engineering and development companies in Iraq.


Joharat Baghdad is one of the largest leading companies in the construction , engineering development of the projects, building and construction work through workers, civil engineers, management, maintains electricity, and other field. The company was established by the certificate of incorporation mL02-86161 on 8/3/2015 with the capital of (14) billion IQD, then its capital was increased to (59) billion IQD, then it was increased again to become (71) billion IQD, It is one of the largest private owned companies in Iraq.  

Our goal is to build for a better society, headquarter in Baghdad, al-karrada, with employs about 10000 employees, including engineering and workers, who are considered one of the best engineering, working on projects in Iraq and other countries such as Jordan. The company also owns many heavy machinery used in construction ,  in addition owning heavy equipment for ready-mix concrete and ready-made stationary concrete mixing factories to the production of high-quality concrete products for a variety of building materials and uses, which were previously manufactured in a concrete factory according to fixed quantities, to transferred later to specified site .

Ready-mix concrete is manufactured, transported and poured to the desire site by using advanced equipment and methods. Fixed concrete factories are designed to provide the maximum of production capacity and are characterized by great flexibility to be used in any projects, that projects required a huge amount of concrete, and a long hours of works. In 2018 Baghdad jewel built the Golden Gate Mall in Jordan-Amman, which is considered one of the largest commercial centers in Jordan. The company also provides an integrated service with its scope of business that covers almost all areas of infrastructure in residential and buildings.


Our vision

We strive with our energy and ability to provide the best service for real estate investments and to expansion of advanced future business with the direction of the estate that seek to apply environmentally friendly technology and alternative energy to all customers, seeking to do so through use of the expertise of our team and developing our capability to be appropriate innovation for modern urban development.